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Top Kids Attractions Near Paris - a Day Trip from Paris to France Miniature Park

by Youliana Veltcheva
January 15, 2020

France Miniature Park
France Miniature Park

Do you want to see as many attractions as possible in just a day while visiting France?

Do you feel like getting off the beaten path and making sure your kids are having fun too?

The answer is a day trip from Paris to France Miniature Park in the vicinity of the French capital.

A Day Trip from Paris to France Miniature Park
It will simply take a single day trip from Paris and you get to be a Gullivar in the land of Lilliputia, where everything is shrunk in a ratio of 1:30 of its real size and you really see every detail from all sides and angles, feeling like a giant. With 60,000 figurines and 20,000 dwarfed trees, 5 rivers and estuaries, and 5 acres of ‘sea’, this is like a miniature version of France that will be absolutely fun for kids and grown-ups alike. Animated by 13 trains, planes, cars, and ships (over 100), you can steer boats on the ‘Mediterranean Sea’ or the ‘Atlantic Ocean’ lagoons that border the park. The Stade de France will also fascinate you with the charming hand painted figures.

How fun is that!

France Miniature Park
France Miniature Park - Cathedrale Sainte Croix

For the Kids
To make it even more exciting the park features a huge amusement park activities and rides for kids, including the high tower free fall ride, a bumpy sea landing boat experience, 8 meters-high volcano to climb, 9 meter slide, roller coaster, two-seater pod loop ride and others. One of the best family trip, this will be where the little one will become circus actors at Le cirque des Zinzins, with tight-rope walks and a 4-meters high net. A new addition to the park, La Parade des Zottos welcomes kids to get behind the wheel of funny vehicles.

France Miniature Park
France Miniature Park - Le cirque des Zinzins

The Park
With over 100 of the country’s main monuments and sights to see with little moving trains, cars and boats, you can truly put the French architecture and historical heritage in perspective. You will see some of the most iconic monuments and World heritage sites in France, such as The Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Chateau at Versailles, Lourdes, the Chateau of Chambord, La Rochelle, L’abbaye du Mont-Saint-Michel, Amiens Cathedral, and Vaux-le-Vicomte. In addition to these sights, you will see some traditional local villages, ports, and stations. All the places are situated relatively at the same distance and orientation as their actual location on the map. A great audio commentary guide, voiced by Stephane Bern , takes you on a journey back in time and immerses you in the life and history of great people and amazing places. All you have to do is use your mobile device to scan the barcode of each sight.

France Miniature Park Chambord
France Miniature Park - Chambord

This finely landscaped park is spread out over a 12-acres (5 hectares) of land. So, you are likely to spend a good 4 or 5 hours strolling around, going on rides and exploring everything the park has to offer. There are a few restaurants, shops, as well as picnic areas if you’d like to bring your own food and drinks. The models are made out of PVC, ABS or polyurethane for the core parts of the buildings. Resin is used for shutters, chimney stacks, gargoyles and other parts, with final touches, using paint and patina. When you plan your visit, make sure to check if the park is open, as there might be holidays or days where it might be closed. 4th of April, 2020 is when it officially opens.

Location and Getting There
The park is located less than 40 kilometers west of the French capital, making a convenient destination for a day trip from Paris. Public transportation is available from Paris. You can take both train from Montparnasse or Defense to La Verrière train station and busses 422 and 459. A private day trip from Paris, that takes you to both France Miniature park and the nearby charming chateau de Breteuil, featuring 50 wax characters, including Louis XVI, Marie-Antoinette, Louis XVIII, Léon Gambetta and Marcel Proust from the Musee Grevin, is the best way to go. Breteuil will amuse the children with Perrault’s seven fairy tales wax figures and characters, such as Puss in Boots, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Little Thumb, etc.

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